So I’ve been sick since Friday, which would normally mean I have an excuse to lay around and do nothing in particular all weekend long. HOWEVER, I had to work at the movie theatre all weekend, so I’m pretty exhausted.

I was originally going to write about my feelings on THE DOORS, but I didn’t have the time (or the will) to listen to all of their albums in preparation of writing this post. So instead I’m just going to spotlight some songs from artists I’ve been listening to recently.

First, I’ve been listening to a lot of ROXY MUSIC as of late. I own one of their albums on vinyl (Stranded), but I still wasn’t all that familiar with their discography until recently.

I’ve been listening to their record For Your Pleasure, their last collaboration with sound guru with Brian Eno. I’m going to share the song “Beauty Queen” from that album. It’s not necessarily the best song on the album, but it’s been stuck in my head the past few days. Enjoy!

I’ve been on a ROYAL TRUX kick the past week. They’re one of my favorite bands (I was even able to see them live last summer), but I still feel like I lack a certain grasp of their music. They’re sound changes with each album they make, so there’s always something for whatever mood you’re in.

I’ve been listening to their album Thank You the most. It’s probably their most straight-forward, “easy listening” album. Here’s the song “Lights on the Levee” off that record.

Another artist I’ve been “spinning” lately is Willie “Loco” Alexander. He’s a Boston rocker that used to play at venues like The Rat with the likes of Wayne County and Nervous Eaters. His career was jumpstarted when he joined the Velvet Underground briefly during during their Loaded tour.

After that, he recorded several albums with the Boom Boom Band and released some solo records. I haven’t listened to too much of his work, but I’m a big fan of his early singles.

Here’s a live recording of the song “Kerouac” at The Rat.



Spring is approaching, which means I’ll be more inclined to listen to upbeat stuff. I’ve already noticed my music trends changing a bit. So, I’m going to share with you a few songs I’ve discovered (or re-discovered) lately. Enjoy!

First, I’ve been listening to some Boston power pop/punk. Boston had a really good scene in the 80s. Bands like Scruffy the Cat, Volcano Suns, The Dogmatics, and, of course, The Cars come to mind.

I was listening to this compilation called Claws that compiled some of Boston’s best underground rock/power pop bands. A lot of it is disposable, but I found this ONE song by a band called BUZZ AND THE GANG that is damn near perfect. Apparently the guitarist from Jerry’s Kids played in this band. This is the only song they ever put out.

The song is “Hearts Waiting” by BUZZ AND THE GANG.

Going off of that, I’ve also been listening to BIG DIPPER, a great late-80’s Boston rock band. I knew of them because Tom Scharpling of The Best Show is a big fan of them. He even got them to reunite on his radio show!

Anyway, I was listening to their first album the other day, and the first song on the record is my current favorite.

The song’s called “She’s Fetching.”

Leaving Boston, I’ve also been listening to a bit of UK punk. I was searching through some old punk compilations to see if there were any bands I could dive into, and I found a band called PENETRATION. They’re fronted by Pauline Murray who has a really strong, anthemic, New Wave-y voice.

Their overall output is shaky, but their third single called “Firing Squad” is great.

And, finally, Lydia Lunch is a bit of a kook, but TEENAGE JESUS AND THE JERKS will always be great. I haven’t really gotten into No Wave for a couple years, but I was listening to this song the other day…

It’s called “My Eyes” by TEENAGE JESUS AND THE JERKS.


I don’t really want to talk about music right now. Just not feelin it.

BUT, recently I’ve been watching a lot of movies (I get free tix because of my Mariemont Theatre gig). So I’m going to talk about the last few movies I watched! Okay?


I watched Paddington 2 a week ago. And yeah, it ruled. It was very funny & sweet. Almost a little too British for me at times, but not so much that it overpowered the funniness and sweetness. Image result for paddington 2

I went in with absolutely no idea what to expect, and ended up having a great time. I thought the CGI bear would bug me, but I got used to it after a few minutes. Overall, it’s just a good time.

We could all learn a thing or two from Paddington, I think.


Next, I saw Phantom Thread twice, once with my friend and once with my mom. I’ve got to say, I enjoyed it even more the second time. I, like a lot of people, am a huge fan of Paul Thomas Anderson’s movies (The Master, Boogie Nights, etc.). So I came into the theatre with HUGE expectations for the movie.

Image result for phantom thread

And it lived up to them!

The movie was paced perfectly, it was much funnier than I had anticipated, and the twist was so so satisfying. Everything about it was good. Daniel Day Lewis killed it, Vicky Krieps killed is, Lesley Manville killed it. They all killed it.


Finally, I saw Molly’s Game a little while ago. And, look, I’m not a big Aaron Sorkin fan at all. I think his TV shows & movies have bad politics, are pretentious, and are overwritten. So I walked into this movie with a pretty negative attitude.

Image result for mollys game

However, I found Molly’s Game to be, for the most part, arresting and fun. Sorkin obviously had fun making it, and that comes across. It still felt like a Sorkin movie; there were still long monologues and I don’t think an real human being would actually say a single line in the entire movie, but look, I liked it overall!

It’s about 2.5 hours long, but it sure doesn’t feel that long. It actually made me care about poker, and it was fun to watch the stakes grow and grow until the big finale (Will she go to jail or will she not!?!? Will she betray her clients to save herself!?!?) I give Molly’s Game a thumbs up!




Most of the music I’ve been listening to have been instrumentals and movie soundtracks that I can listen to in the background while I do homework and whatnot. I’ve done about 2 yrs of music posts, so I figured I should change it up and talk about something else I’m interested in – movies!

I currently work at the Mariemont Threatre, so I’ve been able to see a lot of good films in the last couple months for free. Perk of the job!


I really like all these The Trip movies. There have been three so far (The Trip, The Trip to Italy, and The Trip to Spain), and each one has been hilarious and touching. There are copious impressions and bits stuffed in each film (notable impressions include Roger Moore, David Bowie, and Mick Jagger). Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan are clearly trying to impress each other with their comedic chops, and it makes for something really entertaining.

Image result for the trip to spain

But besides that, this movie delves into deeper themes in a casual, conversational way. Trip to Spain touches on mortality, ageing, relationships, jealousy, and friendship all in one 90 minute timespan. And it never once feels preachy or inauthentic.

It’s also the most Anglo movie of 2017.


This was an unexpected one! It was at the Mariemont Theatre for maybe three weeks, and I watched it on a whim, not really knowing what it was about.

It’s the story of a bereaved orthodox Jewish man who is trying to regain custody (not legal custody, but custody within his community) of his son. Menashe is an imperfect protagonist. He’s rash, disorganized, and, well, he’s basically a failure. But he makes small steps as the movie progresses to get his life together and get his kid back.

Image result for menashe movie

It’s a sweet, compassionate movie, and for whatever reason it’s stuck with me the last few months.

3. mother! 

mother! is a DEEPLY flawed movie. It’s sexual politics are weird, it’s weighty metaphors are overbearing, and it’s weird as hell. But, look, I liked it! My experience in the theater watching it was unlike any other I had this year. It’s a whirlwind of manic activity that consistently surprises. Aronofsky sets up expectations only to defy them.

Related image

I still haven’t parsed through everything this movie attempted to get across (because there was a lot it tried to get across). But, I think it’s safe to say it deserved to be on this list despite my many issues with it.


I was happy to see Lady Bird picked up a couple Golden Globes. I’ve somehow ended up seeing it three times with my family, by myself, and with friends. I’ve laughed and teared up each time.

Image result for lady bird

And it should be somewhat relatable to any parent or child going through the high school/college transition. I’d recommend it to all y’all.

It also contains one of my FAVORITE performances this year, that of Laurie Metcalf in the role of Lady Bird’s daughter.


I JUST caught up on this one this past weeked. Me putting this movie #1 on my list may be recency bias, but I don’t care. I really loved this movie. It completely wrecked me. My heart was pounding for its entire 2 hr runtime. And the ending upset me more than anything I listened to, watched, or read this year.

I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since I saw it, and I’ve been continuously listening to the (fantastic) sountrack by Oneohtrix Point Never since I watched.

Related image


I’m gonna take a break from “music” and talk about some TV shows that I watched this year that I enjoyed! I haven’t been watching tons of stuff, but I have some strong opinions about a handful of shows that I’d like to share.


First, we have NATHAN FOR YOU which is probably the best show on TV. It’s astounding what Nathan Fielder is able to achieve in every single episode of this season in particular. I think he’s a genius.

I STILL haven’t seen the two hour series finale of NATHAN FOR YOU. I’m preparing my mind and body for that. But, so far my favorite episode has been the Anecdote episode where Nathan orchestrates an elaborate wedding anecdote in able to truthfully tell it on the Jimmy Kimmel Live.

I also liked the episode where Nathan sets up a fake band called the Banzai Predicament to convince the public that a Blues Smoke Detector is a real instrument.

RIVERDALE has also just started its second season. Not gonna lie, I enjoyed the first season, but the episodes so far have not grabbed me at all. I don’t care about “jingle jangle,” or the Black Hood, or whatever.

It feels kind of scattershot and I feel like they’re sucking the life out of the interesting characters from last season and making the bad characters (I’m looking at you, Archie) soooo much worse. Anyway, I’ll keep watching, but I’m not into what they’re doing with the show right now.

Anyway here’s a Josie and the Pussycats performance that made me laugh.

And finally I’m watching SEARCH PARTY on TBS which I loooved last season. It just came back from a year-long haitus. Last season ended on a HUGE cliffhanger, so I was anxious to see how the crew would get out of it.

I’m worried that after what happened last season (I’ll just say it, they killed a dude) the show was going to lose its innocence and millenial Nancy Drew vibe. It sort of has, but I think the tone’s stayed the same mostly, and its stayed funny and intriguing.

Here’s a funny clip.







I’m not a musical aficionado, but there are a few musicals that have left an impression on me through the years. In this post, I’m going to share a few songs from musicals that I really enjoy!

First, we have a song from the Broadway show called Pins and Needles from the 30s. It’s a super funny show casted and acted by the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union. It’s the only Broadway show that’s been led by a group of relatively inexperienced, non-professionals. A true underdog story!

The song “When I Grow Up” is about J Edgar Hoover. I reference it in my Instagram bio!

Next, we have a CLASSIC song from the 1957 musical The Music Man (which I believe MHS performed a few years back). It’s a super fun tune. “Ya Got Trouble.”

Here’s a song from a musical film entitled A Star is Born from 1954. It’s one of Judy Garland’s last film roles and one of her best. This song, “The Man that Got Away” is one of those scenes you just need to SEE to understand.

Garland’s inflection and movement make the song. It’s such an unbelievable performance!

And finally we have the epic medley “Rose Tint My World” from Rocky Horror Picture Show. All the songs in this soundtrack are basically great, but I feel that this one is often underappreciated.





In honor of the pagan holiday (helliday?) last week, I’ll be showcasing some cool Halloween songs that I like. Enjoy!

First we have the Misfits fifth single from 1981, the song “Halloween.” It’s probably the best Halloween song. Spooky lyrics & suuuuper catchy chorus.

Next we have “Train to Satanville” by Gin Gillette. This is one of those songs that reached cult popularity, but no one really knows anything about the Gillette, the artist behind it. It’s a catchy rockabilly song with surf guitar riffs and a creepy Halloween intro with a scary laugh and everything.

Annnnd next we have one of the strangest songs ever recorded: “Making Love to a Vampire with a Monkey on my Knee” by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band. I think it qualifies as a Halloween song. Some expicit language in this one.

The Sonics are one of the best garage rock bands ever, and “The Witch” is once of their best songs. I saw The Cowboys cover this last week. It was great!

And finally we have a fun song by Austin garage punk band The Motards. “Zombies!”




I’ve been listening to the ROLLING STONES a lot recently. They’re a band I dismissed as stuffy and classic rock-y when I was younger, but have since realized are pretty great and extremely influencial on contemporary bands I love.

I’ve been digging into their earlier stuff, especially the records Between the Buttons and Beggars Banquet, both of which are worth a listen.

Here’s the song, “Street Fighting Man,” off of Beggars Banquet.

I’ve also been listening to THE ONLY ONES, a 70s British power pop band that are GREAT. You may have heard their song, “Another Girl, Another Planet.” It’s undoubtably their most famous song.

I’ve mostly been listening to their first album, “Special View.” Every song on it is great, but my favorite track at the moment had got to be, “Out There in the Night.”

And I’ve been listening to proto-punk artist George Brigman. He kinda sounds like Iggy Pop and Pere Ubu I guess. But he captures a really unique sounds that I dig; I’m actually surprised I hadn’t heard of him before.

Here’s the song “Jungle Rot.”

And finally I’ve been listening to Jason Killinger (Spacin’ Jason’s) band BIRDS OF MAYA a lot recently. It’s kinda like his other band SPACIN’ except way more intense and the blues influence is more obvious.

Instead of the 6 minute jams you can find on either of SPACIN’s records, you’ll find 20 minute tracks on BIRDS OF MAYA’s record Ready to Howl. They’re bangers.

Here’s the song “Porch Dude” from that album.


So I went to a music festival called Cropped Out in Louisville last weekend. It was amazing. Easily the best musical experience I’ve had in my life. So many mindblowingly great bands.

Here’s the rundown of the bands I saw. I have some video and pictures of some of them, but others I was either too hyped or too lazy to remember to record them.

I enjoyed every band I saw, but I don’t have time to touch on all of them, so I’ll just highlight a few.

THE COWBOYS are a band from Bloomington, Indiana that I’ve liked for a while now. They’ve got a really classic rawk n roll sound, and they have an AMAZING bass player (who was missing until he ran on stage halfway through the first song, wearing a fishers’ hat and a cool Snakefinger shirt).


Next, we have CIRCLE X a LEGENDARY noise rock act out of Louisville. They disbanded in 1995 when their founding member and guitarist Bruce Witsiepe died. They dedicated the last song of their set to him, and man it was emotional. The entire show was a triumph. They had no right to be as good as they were, but they did it. And I feel proud I was there to experience it.


I also got to see NEIL HAMBURGER, a comedic (or purhaps anti-comedic) character Gregg Turkington has been performing as for several decades. I knew the show was going to be funny, but I didn’t think I was going to almost black out laughing. A joke I remember is:

*coughing noise* “WHYYYYY was it always so hot on stage…at Grateful Dead concerts?”


“Because none of their fans worked!”


I was MOST excited to see ROYAL TRUX this weekend, one of my all-time favorite rawk bands. They’ve meant a lot to me since I started listening to them about a year ago. This quote from guitarist Neil Hagerty begins to explain what’s great about RTX.

“The group’s goal was to have a long-term project in place that would somehow shorten the terrain between Ornette Coleman’s free-jazz and Sun Ra’s and the sleaze of Black Sabbath and Iggy Pop, and gain some money in the meantime.”

The performance was bonkers. Vocalist and fashion icon Jennifer Herrema was nowhere to be found during sound check, appearing only when Neil started playing. She showed up, clearly drunk, holding two Coronas in her left hand and a microphone in her right.

She spent most of the performance half-conscious, belting out lyrics on the floor while the bassist and drummer held down the songs and Neil did his thing on the other side of the stage. It was a dangerous performance; Neil and Jennifer were clearly fighting and exchanging heated words in between songs, and I was waiting for someone’s temper to burst and the show to abruptly end.

But it didn’t. In fact, they played about twently minutes longer than they were supposed to, jamming on “Juicy, Juicy, Juice.”

It was a really great show, everything I wanted out of a ROYAL TRUX concert.



On Sunday, I got to see feedtime, a super legendary Australian band that I’ve been a fan of for years. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I like their records, but I’d never seen a live video of them, and they were well into their 40s and 50s, so it was possible they’d lost their edge.

Well, they hadn’t lost their edge. They really rawk. Their drummer wasn’t able to get into the country because of some previous charge for drug possession, so they got drummer TYLER DARRON to play with them, and wow, he was fantastic. Really pushed them and sped up the songs to keep the energy up. It made for a great show.





I’ve been trying to keep up on new 2017 releases, but I haven’t done a very good job of it. Last month I went through A TON of new music, most of which I was just okay on. 2017 seems to be an off year for me. But I did find some really great records and I’ve picked out a few to share with the group. Most of these are going to be punk//rawk records…because that’s what I listen to.

I’m going to start with my FAVORITE 2017 album by my FAVORITE band called MORDECAI. They’re from Butte, Montana, and in the last couple years they have developed a cult following of sorts. They were even featured in a Vice News (or Noisey I guess) article earlier this year.

They put out a couple things this year, including a 7″ with Louisville’s SOPHOMORE LOUNGE label called “WHAT IS ART,” a couple Bandcamp only releases (demos and home recordings by Holt Bodish, their lead singer/guitarist), and a full lengh album called ABSTRACT RECIPE. They’re sound is often descibed as “no frills rock,” but there’s a lot more about them that appeals to me. Their songs are simple but their sound, attitude, and lyrical content is wholly unique, and there’s never been nor will there ever be a band like them.

Here’s the song “PICTURES OF HER” by MORDECAI.

Second, I have a 12″ called CELEBRATION by the band PLAYBOY (saucy!). I know VERY LITTLE about this band beside the fact that they hail from Quebec, Canada, and they make weird, good music. The band’s lineup is pretty unique. From what I can tell, they have a bassist, a drummer, a singer, and a sax player. Their sound is difficult to pin down. I’ll go with “psychadelic and generally nasty.”

Here’s the whole record because individual tracks aren’t on YouTube. Enjoy!

Oddly enough, there was another 12″ that I really loved this year. MOONDOGS’ 12″ called “WHEN SIXTEEN WASN’T SO SWEET” struck a chord with me. The story behind it is what sold it for me. According to the label MIGHTY MOUTH’s Bandcamp page, these recordings are from 1979 when four high school friends decided on a whim to get a band together and record some songs. It wasn’t until this year that these recordings were released. And man, they’re great. Perfect summer music.

Here’s a link to their Bandcamp where you’ll find the song, “WHEN SIXTEEN WASN’T SO SWEET.”

Image result for moondogs when sixteen wasnt so sweet

Next I have my favorite 7″ of this year, one put out by the Atlanta label STATE LAUGHTER. The band is MUTUAL JERK and the 7″ is self titled. It’s intense music. MUTUAL JERK seem to obviously invoke bands like NO TREND and FLIPPER but these guys are able to overcome those comparisons (especially the NO TREND comparison) and make something unmistakably modern and ferocious.

The first song on this, “He’s Harmless,” is fantastic.

Annnnd finally I have an album by a new band called TAIWAN HOUSING PROJECT featuring legend Mark Feehan (BROKEN TALENT, POP CRUDS) on guitar. They’re a dancable no-wave band that’s unlike any other group going right now. The songs are strange and noisy but catchy.

Here’s “Authentic Alien Perfume” off of their album VEBLEN DEATH MASK.